Better hiring, faster onboarding, and happier employees.

#ELB Studio is a London-based consultancy that creates and deploys world-class design solutions for the hiring process. We work with recruitment teams, people teams, and COOs.

We design hiring systems with intention, and we help you implement those systems seamlessly.

We solve the systemic internal problems nobody has time to touch. We help your team create simple solutions that will work for them. We execute on new ideas quickly by using the lean, low-cost, iterative methodologies you might associate with agile software development.

You ever hear that Richard Branson quote? If you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business, he said. (This is the mentality that has worked for drool-worthy employers like Facebook and Google, and it can work for you, too.)

Hiring doesn’t have to be this hard. There’s a better way.

What We Do


You want to attract and retain the right people for your team, not somebody else’s. Let’s make sure your Careers page reflects what it’s really like to work with you.

Job Description Templates

Values & Mission Statements

Relocation Collateral

Culture & Employee Testimonials

Careers Page Redesign & Implementation


What if you treated your candidates with the same care you offer to your customers? We believe that the recruitment and hiring process is your chance to make a first impression on new colleagues, insuring that the right people sign on and stick around for the long haul.

Design Sprints For People Teams

Improved Candidate Experience

Service Design For Interview Loops


You did the hard work and found the right person. Will they still feel like they made the right choice after that first day of work comes and goes? The correlation between successful onboarding and employee retention is too high to ignore.

100-Day Onboarding Pilot Programs

Improved Relocation Experience

Remote Onboarding

Employee Training & Mentorship


For most companies, ex-employees are an untapped asset. Let’s find a way to nurture and leverage your employee network for years to come.

Employee Alumni Pilot Programs

Employee Alumni CRM Systems