What if job searching was… fun?

#ELB School is a guided online course like nothing you’ve seen before. The program–a 6-week fitness bootcamp for your job search, if you would–runs under personal guidance from Alexa Shoen.

Within this program, you’ll work through every step in Alexa’s proven method for getting hired in the modern economy. It’s about more than just the application materials–it’s about the things you need to know in order to become the most hireable version of you. These tested strategies will get you through the door at hot startups & brand-name businesses alike.

#ELB School has a vibrant positivity to it, and is specifically designed to get you across the finish line and into the role you deserve. In every program, there are 6 weekly 90-minute private Q&A calls with Alexa for tailored support and accountability.

Ditch the stress, and get hired faster.

#ELB School runs 3x a year. Enrollment happens in January, May, and September.

The next #ELB School enrolls in January 2020.